Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas 2012

So Christmas is just around the corner and while everyone is out running store to store looking for the perfect gift I am sitting on my couch watching classic Hallmark movies while making sugar cookies, and decorations for bedroom doors. Haha no I wish.
Well I did make sugar cookies, we just haven't iced them yet. I got the recipe here.Sugar Cookie Recipe
I did watch a Hallmark movie today with almost the whole family. We also tried to drive around and see Christmas Lights but my little brother decided he wanted a nap, so that ended up as a no.
I got all my present wrapping done!! Halleluiah
For the bedroom decorations, I was playing with some glitter glue and made some really pretty snowflakes we will hang on our bedroom doors Christmas Eve.
 This Christmas has been pretty good and I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow!

Here are some of the Christmas treats I took my Church Leaders today.

I sadly didn't get a picture of them before I gave them so I just got this picture off of pinterest.
Also, they were for my church leaders so instead of saying "You are an awesome Teacher!" mine said "This is for helping me sharpen my testimony"

Also today, I decided to glitter my nails for Christmas! So, I got this huge thing with like 32 different glitters from Michaels for my Birthday and decided to use them.
I painted my nails, then put a paper plate under and poured the glitter on(while nails were still wet).  After that I tapped my finger to get all the excess glitter off. After letting that dry I put a clear coat over and WALA wonderful glittery nails ♥ Sorry about the VERY and I mean VERY blurry picture my phone is broken so this was taken with my tablet.

Hopefully I can give you some Christmas Traditions in my Christmas post tomorrow with wrapping ideas, websites with good prices, helpful Christmas ideas, and so much more!!