Sunday, March 24, 2013

Triathlon Medal Board

My best friend just recently had her birthday and I wanted to get/make her something awesome! I saw this triathlon medal/bib holder on etsy that I loved, but it was $33 and would not be here in time for her party. So I decided to make her one myself!

Cost: Around $20
Fun: Super!

What you need:
- Piece of wood
- Sheet of foam (I used thin)
- Foam letters (Michael's)
- Hooks (I got a pack of 30 from Lowes)
- Paint (I used orange, her favorite color)
- Zots

First off your piece of wood should be big enough to fit 'I TRI' big at the top and 'swim•bike•run' in smaller letters underneath that.

I started by painting my wood orange. After it dried I screwed in holes for where I should put the hooks. (It is easy just to put a bib you have on there, to see the size). There are two bib sizes so I used four hooks for those. Once those were on I screwed holes in the bottom of the wood so I could put five hooks there to hold the medals.

Now I drew out letters on the foam the best I could. It took a couple tries to find the right size.

Underneath the I TRI letters I put on the already cut out ones that I got from Michael's. Since the pack didn't come with circles for in between the words I cut off the dot for the i.

I glued on the letters with Zots (glue dots) and it was done! I loved the turnout and I think she even loved it more than I did!
If you don't have the time to make one yourself let me know and I will make one for you! Email: