Friday, May 31, 2013

Tiffany & Co. Sweet 16

Schools out!! Yay, that means I actually have time to relax. But not the first day of summer. I was up all night helping decorate for my sister Sweet 16.
Her theme was Tiffany & Co. Very elegant and I love tiffany blue!
The party: Her friends got here at six o'clock mingled for a little bit and then sat down to eat. We decorated our family room for the "restaurant" feel. First they had a choice of two appetizers, two salads, two entrees, and two desserts. After that they all slept over having fun playing games, or whatever they wanted. The next morning they got up and everyone went to the beach. We spent the day there and then they came back home and had dinner then got picked up at nine.
 -Tiffany blue mason jars with tree sticks spray painted white in them. Pearls hanging from the sticks.
- Chairs had whit tool tied around them with a blue bow.
- In the center of the table we had some of the mason jars, also with a long piece of white tool and jewls (diamonds) and pearls on it.
-Napkin holder was a little strip of jewls with a huge diamond hot glued on the top.
- On the ceiling we taped table cloths to make a cool feature, with a chandelier and white tissue pom-poms with a jewel hanging. 
- Photo wall has baloons taped on it to make it look like pearls.
Party Favors:
- We got individual white boxes from Michaels, that we spray painted blue.
In there we had a flower headband and a chocolate bar with an adorable wrapper.

I apologize a head of time for the quality of the pictures. My camera isn't working so I had to live with my phone camera. :(

The candy bar wrappers

Party Favor Boxes

Name places

Menu Board

The table clothed ceiling.

Mason Jars and Menu

Pearl Balloon Wall

Napkin Holder

Flower Headbands