Monday, October 1, 2012

Paper Bag Bunting

I love bunting! But I hate how you use one piece of paper for ONE triangle! So I found a solution! Use paper bags. If you are going to use brown paper than brown paper bags work just as well. We all have them sitting in our home waiting to be used. 

Cardboard paper or paint
Letter stencils
A lace hole punch
Cost: Under $3

Step ONE: Cut the paper bags in 1/2 (its better to have big ones)

 Step 2: Cut off the bottom so that it can lay flat.

Step 3: Trace a triangle stencil onto the paper bag or create your own triangle.

Step 4: Cut the triangle so all sides are even
 You will get a triangle that looks somewhat like this one.
 Step 5: You CAN whole punch it with a fancy whole puncher if you want.
Step 6: Trace letters onto a piece of card stock or straight onto the paper bag. I chose white card stock.

Step 7: You can antique the corners if you want like in this pictures. You glue it on WALA! 
There you have it Paper Bag bunting(:
I will post pictures of the final all together on Friday along with the rest of the decorations for the Relief Society Activity.