Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Carpet Walk

For my Divine Nature project in Personal Progress my friend and I decided go and help the Activity Day leaders plan their next Recognition Night. We both LOVE pageants and fashion so we decided to do a *Drum Roll* Modest Red Carpet Walk. It went along with the theme "modest is hottest". We helped out at 2 activities and then helped plan the Recognition Night. For the first activity we had them answer questions to an "All About Me" paper we made up, and the leaders had them start decorating these papers. They were blank and the girls were to decorate them. 
(These are my sisters that she did.)

Then the next Wednesday we had them write in the blanks in the invitations and draw them walking down the red carpet. 

For the Recognition night I came and made the red carpet from crepe paper. As you can see I put the crepe paper in a T formation.Then at the end there was a white sheet pinned up with tacks and balloons put next to it to make a cute backdrop to take pictures by.

Sorry these pictures are kind of blury because I was also working with the music.

The girls are singing a song before the walk.

This is my sister walking down the run-way.

Here are all the girls after doing their poses.